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When Does a Facebook Page = A Website/Blog?

I’ve noticed a trend lately for business to start using Facebook instead of websites and blogs. I totally understand how people could think that Facebook would replace the online site, Facebook already has an audience, it is popular and it is easy.iStock 000015708944XSmall 150x150 When Does a Facebook Page = A Website/Blog?

However, like all technology, Facebook is not permanent. Counting on Facebook as your online presence is a lot like counting on the carnival to be your home. The carnival is fun, all your friends are there and you could get a lot of attention quickly if that is what you wanted to accomplish.  However, if you get the wrong kind of attention, you could get thrown out by the bouncer. Furthermore, carnival is going to leave town and when the next carnival comes it may not be the one you expected.

iStock 000000105599XSmall 150x150 When Does a Facebook Page = A Website/Blog?A website is like buying real estate. It is not going to move unless you don’t pay your mortgage, abandon it or sell it. You own it, you control it and when you put your “stuff” in it, it isn’t going to leave when the technology changes.

So what is the solution?

1) Don’t count on Facebook to be forever.  Remember MySpace? Technology will change.

2) Use you website/blog as your home base.  A classy and simple site can be easily and inexpensively built for even the tightest budgets.  From your website/blog, post links to you Facebook page of your blog posts, offers and information. The advantage of doing this is that your friends can easily share your links with their friends with just a click of the “share” button.  Further, your content is always on your site.  If Facebook changes, you will always have your content.

3) Don’t forget to use your Facebook page to have casual conversations, answer questions and to network, after all, Facebook is a community and you want to be a good citizen.

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